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I met Luke skywalker today (: I love Star Trek!

Dumb bitch

Don’t be rude….. Why can’t I be a Trekkie and proud? “Falcon Punch!!!” Amiright?

Just incase this isn’t a joke. Harrison Ford played Han Solo in Star wars

No sweetie……. You’re confused…….. You’re thinking about Yoda from Star Fox (:


Anonymous asked:

what are your views on the phandom's interpretation of dash? anything you like in particular?


Definitely that he gets better.  While there’s not much realism to be had in a cartoon I do nonetheless love to see the details of the show and characters fleshed out and made more 3-dimensional with real faults and quirks and Dash growing up and learning his mistakes is one thing a lot of people do well.  More often than not he finds out Danny’s secret and then Danny gets to call him out on how he treats people less popular than him just as poorly as the ghosts he fights treat humans and he eventually gets over his ego issues and matures.  People rarely do that for Paulina and I feel like there’s a little sexism involved in that (people are quick to defend the male characters like Vlad and Dash but leave characters like Paulina and Star out in the cold).

I’m not a fan of the “Dash is gay” theory though because a) it reinforces the idea that men can only like feminine things if they’re gay and b) the whole “overdoing masculinity in order to cover for repressed homosexuality” is a tired and kinda shitty stereotype in and of itself.  It is very important to have representation of many different types of sexual orientation but I think Dash is kind of a miss for that.

totally agree with you about the “Dash is gay” theory and basically everything else here too.

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